The importance of being nimble


The onset of the pandemic saw two types of businesses: those caught like a rabbit in the headlights, and others who made rapid changes to suit the times and their audience.

The most nimble businesses are those who know their audience extremely well. They understood their needs and they knew how this crisis would affect them. They were also able to communicate with them quickly and effectively due to their valuable databases.

This meant that within a very short amount of time the nimble businesses were able to adjust their offerings to help their customers today, even if that meant in a very different format to yesterday.

One of my clients operates in the immigration sector. Border closures saw their revenue evaporate overnight. But they understood their audience and we helped them quickly adjust their marketing strategy to work with the people they still could help. These changes, while significant, happened within days and made the difference between closing the doors and survival.

Know your audience.

Have a large list of prospects you communicate with regularly.

Be nimble.


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