Not now, later

Around 50% of the leads you generate will never do anything. And that’s ok if it doesn’t cost you much to generate leads.

But the good news is that the other 50% will take action.

There are usually around 15% who will do something in the next 90 days and you need to have something in place to convert them.

The remaining 35% are really where the gold is buried in your list. They’re the ones who say, “not now, later.”

They might take up to 2 years to make a decision for a variety of reasons. They might not be ready or they might not be convinced yet. But they will end up doing something.

The tragedy is that most businesses don’t have a way to nurture these leads and end up missing out on the gold.

Nurturing does two things:

  1. It helps you stay top of mind for when they are ready.
  2. It helps you build your “authority” and increase the chances that they Know, Like & Trust you enough to take the next step.

Here’s how it can work….

I signed a new client last week.

He originally downloaded one of my lead magnets around 18 months ago.

He booked a meeting with me a month later, we discussed his business and I made some recommendations about how I could help him.

He didn’t proceed. Seems he wasn’t convinced yet.

But I continued to nurture him with helpful emails and information.

Finally, last week he was ready and signed up at our meeting.

If I’d given up on him the first time I would have never won his business.

The good news is that nurturing leads costs next to nothing once you have built a great system. It just works away in the background until they’re ready to take action.

What are you doing for those who say, “not now?”


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