Know, Like, Trust

Any potential customer must go through a process of Knowing you exist, Liking what you do and Trusting you enough before they buy from you.

People are more cautious in turbulent times, so you have to work harder to earn their trust before they will do business with you.

Of course, the length of this journey is somewhat relative to the investment and perceived risk to the client. The bigger the ticket price, the more trust you have to earn before winning the business.

You do that by educating and motivating them with valuable content. Newsletters, videos, email drips and Facebook Groups are good ways to share your best information.

But the best way I have found is by offering a free information piece, like a guide or small “book” that addresses their pain or need.

This is a lead magnet that helps you gather names and email addresses, but it also provides great value to the recipient and let’s them get to understand your thinking, process and experience.

But don’t try to sell yet. By patiently and generously giving value to potential clients you will bring them eventually to the next step.

Over the last few years I have developed lead magnets for dozens of clients to help them attract and nurture more of their ideal customers. It has proven to be one of the most effective ways I know to grow a business.

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